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Dreams and writing
It's hard to distinguish between confusion, dreams and writing -- they can overlap, especially when I get up to my chin in a project, a short story or working on the novel.

At worst, there is a sense that nothing is moving forward, just sitting at my desk wishing something would arise. Other times, I feel carried along by a wave. I just have to hang with it and do my part by transcribing what's going on inside.

These worlds sometimes throw up barriers. For instance, when I'm deep in writing, I have to let other things go. People wonder if I dropped off the face of the earth, and in some ways, I have.

Today I am sorting through notebooks and equipment, getting ready for Atlanta. I'm also clearing out closets and drawers. There is a sense of wanting to be as clear and focused as possible to listen to His Holiness.

It's usual for me to clean a lot when I'm trying to write. I ask myself, Couldn't I get a lot more done if I just wrote instead? Yet somehow this exterior setting works like a box on my attention, keeping it on the story at hand.

2007-10-18 13:25:32 GMT
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