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The Saffron Path: Part One
I spent a couple of days cleaning the house and think I'm at last clear-headed enough to start packing. Looking through my wardrobe, my clothes seem silly and western when compared with the elegant flowing saffron robes worn by His Holiness the Dalai Lama.

Nevertheless, I'll have to wear them! Besides, I'll be part of the media horde, so I have to look professional. It's with mixed feelings that I take part as a member of the media, yet at the same time I know that's the best way to share what I experience -- most important, I consider it my responsibility to spread what I hear from His Holiness. Nobody can disagree that we can all use a little more compassion and hope in our lives.

Not to mention humor. His Holiness has an understated, almost child-like sense of humor. That may come from his having been claimed as the 14th incarnation of Avalokitshvara, the great Bodhisattva of Compassion. In some ways, he never was a child, as it is reported that from a very early age he showed curiosity about spiritual matters, maturity and intelligence.

2007-10-19 16:39:53 GMT
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