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New week, new focus
Monday morning and appointments are stacking up for the week.

Nevertheless, I am going to try this week to outline all chapters of the book.

Since my return to the project I've found that unlike before, I have more to say, more for my people to do, more thoughts and drives.

The best thing for them now would be to figure out where I want the story to go, determine if it's reasonable for the characters and decide what overall emotional path this book should take. What is the story I want to tell?

That sounds so basic, but it's easy to neglect the big picture when there are so many other details.

It is definitely a novel of a certain time and place I hope to capture. It is also a novel that explores how place, time and events affect people -- and how people are formed by them, and how events run roughshod through their lives.

So ... next step is to outline what I believe will be six or seven large sections.

The novel's working title has weathered more than a year of consideration: A Cure for August.

AHEAD: What writing looks like from the outside, or How to spend several hours in deep thought with very little to show for it
2008-01-14 12:32:54 GMT
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LOVE the title!
2008-01-14 23:42:45 GMT
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