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The Mythical Scroll: Pt. Five
On the road ... to the scroll

We arrived at the New York Public Library about a half hour early, and I'm knotted up inside just thinking about seeing the mythical scroll for Jack Kerouac's "On the Road."

Wait we must, however.

We walked behind the library to Bryant Park, where an enormous tent is set up, photographers with credentials everywhere. It is Fashion Week. For a moment I am swept up in the bustling and sense of importance somehow imparted by this crowd of assistants, fashion writers and managers. A pixie-like young French woman begins talking with an interviewer and she's really cute and unassuming, not like the vixens you imagine would populate Fashion Week.

Greg helps us remain focused and we quickly leave the scene and come back through Bryant Park to the front of the library, where we try to take photos. I'm afraid we had a bit of a spat, since to get the library steps and Kerouac banner, along with my face, Greg had to shoot from below and in each picture I had more chins. Eventually I took the camera, held it above my head and shot my own photo. That is my insurmountable ego taking over -- thinking my husband, a professional photographer, is unable to take a flattering photo of me.

The photo flap passes, and at last, it's time to enter the library. We are submitted to a humiliating search by rather rude guards, one of whom says, "You should have your bags open already. We're not just standing here, you know."

After this, we are informed that we must leave our bags with the coat clerk. I protest, since I am recording an audio diary, that I will need my bag since it has my audio equipment and notes.

The fireworks begin!

Though I have cleared everything, or so I thought, with the library's assistant director of public relations, there is a major kerfuffle that threatens to halt my radio recording altogether.

AHEAD: Making peace with the security clerk, who was from Selma, N.C. in fact, avoiding ejection and seeing the scroll, at last
2008-02-18 14:43:26 GMT
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A true storyteller at work. The suspense is killing me!
2008-02-18 15:29:37 GMT
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