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Greenville again
Arrived home about 6 p.m. Tuesday. So tired from the drive my head was spinning, but I raced into the house to give a hug to Greg and the animals rushed me at the door!! There was a lot of slobbering and tails wagging and then I finally got to give Greg a hug.

I found myself yammering on about what I heard, what I experienced, and wondered if I shouldn't better heed the old Buddhist principle about avoiding chatter, but I'm not there yet.

The most unexpected effect: Everything looks different. The physical world seems different to me. I walked into a grocery store and instead of feeling bombarded by all that stuff, I just got what I needed, which seemed like less than usual. The gossip and women's magazines I usually feel drawn to seemed unreal. Here's the scariest part: the women on the covers looked like skeletons to me!! (Usually I think, Wow, I wish I were that thin.)

Today I am back in the frying pan with work pressures and demands. Thankfully, it is overcast and raining, which has helped protect the peacefulness I've felt inside. I guess I will need to get a meditation regimen up and running really soon so I can build on the wisdom and peace I feel I've been part of for the past few days.

2007-10-24 15:14:34 GMT
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