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Clear mind
One of the most troublesome aspects of being very busy is that my mind gets overloaded with information and the clear paths for thinking become all twisted.

That's why it's almost unimaginable for me to think about somehow setting aside a few hours a day for creative writing. I have only a few fresh hours in a day when my thinking cuts through to creativity; other times, I'm just transcribing.

At the same time, when I have too much time on my hands ... nothing happens ... instead of still waters, with much life, there is a lifeless pool.

And so I find myself tottering to one side or the other much of the time, either too much or too little going on. It's so easy to do anything but write. This week many projects wrap up and I hope soon to clean up the old files, clear off my desk, dust my office, sit, think and make some progress.
2008-03-12 11:27:19 GMT
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