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Friday is the Day
I am heading to New Bern this morning to turn over my audio diary recorded in New York last month. It is a record of my journey to see the mythical scroll of "On the Road" by Jack Kerouac as part of the exhibit at the New York Public Library, "Beatific Soul."

The difficult thing about these spontaneous stream-of-consciousness pieces for public radio is that they're never as carefully scripted as my commentaries. For those pieces I write ... rehearse ... read again ... and work on them until they're perfect.

The audio diaries are recorded in the middle of things (in medias res, just like Greek theater) and sometimes I'm a little embarrassed. No, I've never been known for cleverness, though every once in a while I'll say something that's rib-splittingly funny, such as the time I said to my cat, who woke me at 4 a.m., "Guess what Hildegarde, your ship has come in! And it's the Titanic!"

Well, it seemed funny at the time.

The audio diary recordings also sometimes have mistakes but usually my editor at the station knows what to use and what to disregard. Thank goodness.

More basketball this weekend and a visit from two delightful friends from Durham! If you're reading this we are looking forward to your visit ... we'd like to wash all the dogs before you come but there are no guarantees. We will have coffee and beverages and will be sure to vacuum!!

2008-03-14 11:27:52 GMT
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Delightful or not, your friends from Durham are indeed reading this! Sara joins me in saying, "Don't wash the dogs!" I don't want to put you two to any inconvenience, and Sara wants to be able to get a good whiff of them when we return home :o)

See you tomorrow! It'll be a bit of a quick visit, as basketball beckons you and we'd like to get back home for a reception at a local gallery.
2008-03-14 14:43:18 GMT
We will be happy to see you guys and show Pete around G-Vegas. Dewey is already wagging her tail! -- MB
2008-03-14 16:33:39 GMT
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