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Sadness of the Dalai Lama
Today continue thoughts and prayers for a peaceful resolution to the oppression in Tibet and for meaningful autonomy for Tibetan people.

The Chinese have turned up their aggressive language and continue to blame His Holiness for the violence and protests.

Chinese authorities warned today there is a "life and death struggle" with followers of His Holiness the Dalai Lama, "a fierce struggle involving blood and fire."

Tibet's Communist Party secretary, Zhang Qingli, told a teleconference of regional officials, according to the China Tibet News, that "The Dalai is a jackal in Buddhist monk's robes, an evil spirit with a human face and the heart of a beast." Chinese authorities call the Dalai Lama's home in Dharamsala, India, an "epicenter of lies."

Such attacks are painful for anyone who has read even a few paragraphs of writing or ever heard His Holiness speak. He is an epicenter of love and compassion. These words
show the depth of distortion, untruth and brutality at the foundation of this Chinese administration.

His Holiness the Dalai Lama has responded, “I say to China and the Tibetans — don’t commit violence.” He suggested the Chinese themselves may have had a hand in it to discredit him.

“It’s possible some Chinese agents are involved there,” he said. “Sometimes totalitarian regimes are very clever, so it is important to investigate.” He said that “if things become out of control,” his “only option is to completely resign.” This step would not change his status as Dalai Lama; he would resign as leader of the Tibetan government in exile.

On the issue of independence, he reiterated that what he is seeking is meaningful autonomy for the Tibetan people.
2008-03-19 11:49:30 GMT
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