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Queen for a day
Two more people have been reported dead as protests continue through Tibet. Fiction Daily launches prayers for peace. His Holiness the Dalai Lama is on the cover of this week's Time magazine, and inside a thoughtful article by Pico Iyer and a deeply moving photo of His Holiness in prayer.

Yesterday I had an utterly unexpected afternoon that in the end reminded me how freedom and spontaneity open our minds and our lives.

After an intense morning at work, I was stir crazy and decided to take my car in for an oil change. Dropping off the car, with no place to go, I started walking. Where would I go? What would I do?

A few steps later I found myself walking along Greenville Boulevard ... carrying a plastic shopping bag of items from my car ... I felt liberated, without a destination.

I decided to hike to the Barnes & Noble, and about 30 minutes or so later, I was there. No problem. I also visited the bird store next door to get nesting material for my chickadees.

By this time, Greg was finished with work and we picked up the car.

Walking along the boulevard yesterday I felt oddly peaceful ... all those cars rushing by made me feel grateful I wasn't among them.

Away from my car and computer, I had plenty of time to think. All the technology and gear that is supposed to make our lives easier -- it's an illusion, or "maya" as the Buddhists say. In fact, the things that speed up our chores only whip up our life into a frenzy, making it unmanageable.

I felt relaxed and at ease yesterday watching all that rushing around and it reminded me to keep away from the computer as much as possible when writing and working. Though that's difficult since I write on the computer, and certainly enjoy the exchange of ideas I find on the Internet.

Still, I must remember to think and dream away from the computer ... and that's the lesson of yesterday. It was strange how alien from the world I felt ... one step removed from crazy just walking along that busy highway ... but I was free as a bird.
2008-03-25 13:21:41 GMT
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