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Scrambled morning
My apologies for posting late this morning ... phone ringing ... emails ... dogs need walking ... projects need working on ... I sometimes think to myself, If a mere writer is so busy, what's it like for the rest of the world?

An update on the Olympic Torch relay which today courses through San Francisco ... security is tight and no less than Desmond Tutu is asking for the U.S. to boycott the Olympic opening ceremonies.

I would also like to recommend reading this very moving entry from an anonymous Han Chinese blogger.

Here is an excerpt:

The key is, a lot of Han and some ethnic Tibetans with vested interests have become blind to the blue sky, white clouds, green mountains and water. Amidst the long history and mystical culture of Tibet, their brains are only thinking about how to commercialize these things. They don't know that many aspects of the Tibetan way of life, religion and custom, culture and values are gradually being dismantled. Neither do they know that the dignity of Tibetans is shedding tears, and many Tibetans are struggling.

I am gradually rounding out my Web section on Jack Kerouac. Each day I will add an image and link to the relevant blog entry.

I am still working on confirming the exact location of Caroline and Paul's house in West Mount (Big Easonburg Woods), near Rocky Mount, N.C.

At the library yesterday (Warren French biography), I learned that the address on his letters, 1311 Raleigh Road, was Blake's Television Shop. That was his brother-in-law, married to Caroline "Nin" Kerouac Blake.

Apparently Kerouac moved a lot of televisions while there.

I requested the library order a copy of Ann Charters' biography. That is what you could call definitive.

More to come.

Photo: Reuters/Mario Anzuoni

2008-04-09 14:12:57 GMT
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