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Wedding weekend
Another week in Fiction Dailyland, but it was a nice weekend. On Saturday, an old friend's son was married and it was a happy happy day.

They lived across the street from me more than 20 years ago in Rocky Mount, struggling after their father left them. I moved to the inner-city neighborhood about the time Alex was in kindergarten; he was the middle son of three. I loved all of the boys, but he was a special project in many ways, as they all were.

When I taught elementary school French at my own old school, he was in one of my classes.

In high school, he developed leukemia. The last time I saw him, he was unable to lift his head from his pillow.

All that was far far behind on Saturday. His new wife was lovely and her family, generous. The church was full, the reception was epic ... heavy hors d'oeuvres and dinner. One of the groomsmen was his older brother, Tony, who I also loved, as I did Curtis.

The boys reminded me on Saturday that I taught them how to drive a straight shift car; that I kept small amounts of their money to teach them deposit and withdrawals. I had forgotten. Hearing these stories from them felt wonderful.

The New York Times has a fascinating op-ed piece that captures the anger of ethnic Chinese regarding Tibet; their outrage at criticism of their treatment of Tibetans; their loyalty to the government in face of calls for it to improve human rights and freedom of religion. Find it here.

The Harry Ransom Center at the University of Austin now has the Mythical Scroll on view. Visit the Web site here. There are some great images, too.
2008-04-14 11:04:41 GMT
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