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Figuratively speaking
Well, it's Friday again and time for Figuratively Speaking.

Today, more language losers --

INPUT. Only if you are a computer programmer. Otherwise, it’s comments, thoughts or ideas.

QUALITY Either high or low quality ... or the quality of your writing will suffer.

IMPLEMENT. Once upon a time, a great word. Means a tool, or other equipment, used for a specific purpose. Or, as a verb, to put a decision, plan or agreement into effect. It comes from a Latin noun, "implementum," or fulfillment, from in + plere, "fill." Using implement as a verb dates only from the 17th century.

So instead of implementing everything we do, we can put plans into practice ... or even better, just do what we're supposed to.

Instead of saying we implemented a new waiting room plan, how about, "We reduced the number of waiting room patients by following our plan."

Here's another example: We implemented the new state budget. Why not, "We created a new staff position when the state adopted its new budget."

TIBET UPDATE: I am reading reports that China is ready to meet with an envoy from the Dalai Lama.
2008-04-25 13:42:34 GMT
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