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Primary Day
Hello out there in Fiction Dailyland! It's good to be back at the keyboard, my trusty novels and dictionaries by my side and more thoughts to send out into the world.

But before doing so, a few thoughts on today's primary elections. Here in North Carolina, we are feeling the heat of a national spotlight, as our votes could change the route of the Democratic campaign this year. I was a big fan of N.C.'s own John Edwards and was crushed when he withdrew. I still miss him but made my peace with the remaining candidates. Whoever wins in November, I hope to see him ... and Elizabeth ... as part of the administration, cabinet or other leadership role.

So today I'm looking at a whole slate of candidates who are OK ... but my main interests these days are aggressive environmental action, moral efforts toward economic parity and a whole slate of peace-loving type things that will probably not have a lot of mileage among candidates.

I am hearing that in Russia, protests are more and more often being met with police beatings ... we know about China ... so in all, I must say, our nation is in many ways "the city on the hill." We are not perfect but we've done better than any nation in the history of mankind. So I am proud to support it by voting.

AHEAD: Frankenstein, man, monster ... or neither? A wrap-up of Mary Shelley's iconic novel.

2008-05-06 14:32:44 GMT
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Welcome back, Fiction Daily! We have missed you.
2008-05-07 11:16:22 GMT
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