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Election Day
It's tough to take a day off from writing but today I head to the polls, where for several hours I'll greet voters. This is not really campaigning, since by now most people have decided. It's an act of solidarity, really, to show up at the polls.

Still it would be nice to finish the radio script I'm working on, plus I have some phone calls and interviews to make. Not to mention that it's 55 degrees (feels like freezing) and dark!

I have a lot of respect for this whole process when done right. Unfortunately, money, greed and desire for power often consume it. If anyone manages to keep politics relevant to governance and public issues, then they deserve all the support we can offer.

I may also be serving on a Climate Protection committee here in Greenville. I have no idea what a little city can do, but I want to find out.

2007-11-06 10:30:41 GMT
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