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Oil spills
Yesterday and today I've felt a little sick inside as I've read about two major oil spills, including one in Russia's Black Sea. I've seen photos of the dying birds, as many as 30,000. I feel compelled to completely give up my car.

At the same time, I know I'll have to drive, so the best I can do is to become more active in pressing for alternative, renewable fuels. It's time to stop using oil and gas and bike and walk more. This afternoon I'll attend the first meeting of the Climate Protection committee and I guess I can start advocating for a more walkable city.

It seems we human beings could look skyward some more, to a sun which without fail appears every day. Surely we can use it to heat, charge batteries and transport us.

What does this have to do with writing? As I mentioned in yesterday's post, I believe writing carries enormous responsibility. Maybe that's why I feel almost guilty if I'm not working on some kind of social cause. The same gift (or curse) that enables me to feel things deeply and relate with others enough to write about them also means I sometimes feel profoundly sad by events like the oil spills. Whether it's because I'm a writer, or because I'm a Southern sentimentalist (or maybe both) I'm never sure, but whatever the cause, I'm getting ready to start writing letters. I am sharpening my pen in defense of renewable energy. I'm not a brilliant energy scientist but I can make some noise. (Photo by AP) -- Marion Blackburn
2007-11-13 12:31:24 GMT
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