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T'giving hike
We're heading out as we often do on Thanksgiving ... not to the grocery for cranberry sauce, but to Raven Rock State Park. Many years ago Greg and I discovered Thanksgiving is a wonderful day for hiking. Usually we both have the day off, the phone isn't ringing, the weather is grand and the next day of the week is Friday anyway, so it won't matter if we're worn out.

We've met many people who hike on Thanksgiving. Sometimes, like us, they're hiking all day. Other times, we see people who've eaten their feast and wanted to walk afterward.

Meeting others on the trail this day there's a sense of a shared secret -- that given a whole day we'd rather be hiking than anything. It's as if we're shunning what's normal for an activity that seems almost subversive on this holiday.

We'll head out in a few minutes for our holiday hike. Rain likely. Hope so!!

2007-11-22 12:32:19 GMT
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