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Breaking & fixes
Monday already. Lots of stories to wrap up in the next few days. Yesterday began in earnest overhauling my office. I have kept so many files and information from the past year ... two calendar years' worth of project fill this tiny office. It's hard to let go of information because I never know when someone is going to ask, What did we include in the second draft of that brochure that was cut from the third draft? We can include it in the 11th draft. Being able to pull out those early drafts is a point of pride, but really, can't the world survive with some improvisation instead? My office surely could.

Meanwhile, the Web site saga continues. This blog has served me well as a start, but I really need to move to a more advanced format. My Web site has also been a good start, but I am constantly bumping against  the limitations of my current Web program.

Web work though is a lot like a sail boat, which, they say, is like digging a hole and pouring money into it. Having a Web site is like digging a hole and pouring time into it.

On to the Monday projects.

2007-11-26 15:08:18 GMT
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