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Temporary chaos
I'm back at work this Monday morning after the weekend's labors. I'm still sore from dragging heavy boxes on Saturday. Yesterday I tossed dozens of files and will recycle the papers that aren't confidential. I went through years of bank records, project mock-ups, meeting notes, agendas, resumes.

So after all that work ... the house is a wreck!! I woke up this morning with memories of the clean attic in mind, only to see the hallway cluttered with boxes.
The kitchen has bags of trash and recycling. They're all waiting for their next incarnation, but the week must begin.

My desk is full of to-do lists and this morning I must edit an annual report. So for now, the clearing out stops and it's back to work. It's encouraging to look ahead and think our home will be organized with less clutter. Like everyone, I let things go ... a necessary step if you want to get things done.

At the same time, it's good to reflect and choose a new path for yourself every once in a while.

2007-12-03 14:04:17 GMT
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