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Desk clear, writing today
Have wrapped up some projects in the past 10 days, my plate is more clear and I can turn to my writing.

I'll read "Turning Day" and see if it's worth a major rewrite and if so, that will be my new project with the goal of sending it to a journal or magazine by January.

Otherwise I have to vacuum the house and take a bunch of stuff to the packing store (foam packing, boxes) for them to re-use. One time I walked in with armfuls of stuff to re-use, and people waiting in line actually applauded! It's my small contribution to the rampant conspicuous consumption.

After two days struggling with some "flu-like symptoms," I feel better today and of course have a full slate of things I would like to get accomplished. It's easy for these other things to become distractions and even downright diversions from writing so I have to be careful. Writing finds a way to the bottom of any to-do list and that's a constant struggle.

2007-12-05 14:09:17 GMT
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