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Reading season
I've fallen out of reading, but now that the weather's colder I imagine I'll return to it. The gray days and early sunset are perfect for thinking and though it may sound strange, I'm always glad to see them return.

Living in Prague, where the skies are cloudy nine months of the year and snows are frequent, was a perfect place for me. There were times when I'd come home from my final English lesson on a Friday evening and not leave my apartment until say Sunday afternoon.

We have signed on for Netflix, which is not helping my reading habits. I just couldn't stand walking into those movie rental places anymore, where you are assaulted with violent movie cases, loud noises, junk food for sale and the whole alienating experience. Now we just pick out a movie and it comes to our house. Brilliant.

The other advantage is being able to finally see rare, foreign films such as Double Life of Veronique, which is on our list. Krzystof Kieslowski is one of my favorite directors, if not my favorite.

So here I am, with a paid movie subscription luring me away each night, making a book seem downright irrelevant and passe. Still, nothing beats a thick novel in the winter and I'll be settling in soon.

2007-12-08 12:49:08 GMT
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Author:Marion Blackburn
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2007-12-08 20:43:43 GMT
Tell us more about the thick novel you've chosen for your cozy winter reading! Could it be ... Pasternak, perhaps?
2007-12-09 04:03:59 GMT
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